The phonetic decoration text factory onophon has, since 2001, consisted of Rainer Deutner and Werner Nowacek. With their first three programmes they divested themselves of their superfluous language. The two language percussionists delivered vibrating single word membranes, along with overdeveloped speech arabesques, and they immersed themselves in the linguistic sediment of everyday commercial life.








onophon utilizes elements from literature, theatre, music and spoken word performance in a puristically analogue manner. Using dynamic a cappella techniques, onophon adds rhythm to everyday speech particles, creates new associations, improvises these and thereby submits language to pronunciation until it refracts – musically and rhythmically. At most the semantics get out of breath - but not the duo of language artists. And certainly not the humour. Easily digestible decoration texts take form that - casually and totally onophon – also permit a few perceptions from the fermenting cellar of language.


S c h l u c k s c h u t z h u s t e n / P r o t e c t i v e  C o u g h

  onophon's current program (premiere 10/2012)
onophon applies new speaking techniques (e.g. cooperative
co-articulation, associatively loosened-up spontaneous speech) and
introduces new text types (e.g. supra-lyrical frontal lecture,
narratively active micro-onophonies, the modest onoplot).
       The Spoken Word Show "Schluckschutzhusten" (Protective Cough) is the fourth program of the Viennese co-articulation collective onophon, a premium provider in the area of analogue freestyle acoustic images in German. With a potpourri of parallel articulatory speech techniques, the lyric performance of these two buzz phrase percussionists will burn the ass off semantics. What remains are stage ready language artefacts and witty ornamental texts of all kinds. The language artist duo onophon is made up of Werner Nowacek, speech therapist – he lifts the spoken word to its register - and Rainer Deutner, physiotherapist – he bestows it with body. In narratively active micro-onophonies, onophon tells bizarre stories from the Pannonian lowland on the border to Hungary, makes light-footed political statements on crises, poverty and exclusion and simultaneously accelerates misspeaking-mishearing-misthinking spirals, considered to be neurolinguistic test batteries in the medical community. Physical poetry theatre, playful non-music - a wholesome language evening that you need to have heard, seen and considered!

S t u m p f / S t u m p

  onophon's third program (2006-2009)
The aim of the amputation is a painfree, muscle-strong stump that has good blood circulation, as uniform as possible a shape and a smooth surface, which supports full weight and which can be fitted with modern contact prostheses.
G L O T T I S S T O P P / G L O T T A L  S T O P
  onophon's second program (2003-2005), minimal speaking, vibrating single word membranes, overrefined speech arabesques
(glottal stop - guttural sound when glottal folds pressed together)

e i n s a t z d i c h t u n g / a c t i o n  p o e t r y

  onophon's first full-length program (2001-2003), a dramatic
face-to-face performance, language acrobatics, word juggling
m o o s / m o s s
  workshop about the pleasure in speaking

a n l a s s d i c h t u n g / o c c a s i o n  p o e t r y

  is onophons customized program
b e i l a g d i c h t u n g / a d d i t i o n  p o e t r y
  is a background live contribution, DJ-line mixing with spoken word

p r i g o p h o n

  october 2001 until january 2003, joint performance with
Dmitri Prigov
(visualist, object artist, performer, author,
lived and worked in Moskow/London, died on 16 july 2007)
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