S c h l u c k s c h u t z h u s t e n / P r o t e c t i v e  C o u g h
onophon's recent program (premiere on 5.10.2012)
program 'Schluckschutzhusten' mp3 (57,72mb) video  
dacke / mounting mondays mp3 (1,49mb)   visuals
wer / who mp3 (2,07mb) poetry film  
Q&A_03 mp3 (9,56mb)   pdf
andan+soli / other+soli mp3 (7,61mb)    
Stumpf Cocktail / Stump Cocktail mp3 (8,67mb)   pdf
gwendi / get used mp3 (3,39mb)   visuals
hadd / hard mp3 (4,63mb) video visuals
Vortrag stillung / Lecture staunch mp3 (8,83mb) video visuals
assoziationsgelockert /
associatively loosened-up
mp3 (2,45mb)    
slemone / life absent mp3 (2,62mb)   visuals
Kabel / Cable mp3 (1,02mb)    
sagda / says mp3 (2,58mb)    
undrund / andround mp3 (2,12mb) video visuals
deuz / share
feat. Andi (b) und Raffi (o)
mp3 (7,46mb)   visuals
S t u m p f / S t u m p
onophon's third program (2006-2009)
program 'Stumpf' mp3 (50,00mb)    
Atemversuch / Breathing Attempt mp3 (2,25mb)   visuals
blindprinzip / invisible principle mp3 (1,47mb) video visuals
Stumpf 2 / Stump 2 mp3 (1,46mb)   visuals
verselbständigen / hive off mp3 (1,81mb) poetry film visuals
tripetor / trippa-door mp3 (1,40mb)    
Stumpf 2-3-4 / Stump 2-3-4 mp3 (2,61mb)   pdf
stillung / staunch mp3 (1,44mb) video visuals
druckschutz / pressure shelter mp3 (1,42mb)    
zumutung / impertinence mp3 (1,60mb)    
Stumpf 4-5 / Stump 4-5 mp3 (2,20mb)    
hochlele / cheer-lylie mp3 (1,22mb) video  
Schwank / Stagger-Drollery mp3 (1,43mb)    
G L O T T I S S T O P P / G L O T T A L  S T O P
onophon's second program (2003-2005)
program 'GLOTTISSTOPP' mp3 (51,78mb)    
billa / billa mp3 (0,69mb)   visuals
bekömmlich / wholesome mp3 (0,58mb)    
regelungsdichte /
density of regulations
mp3 (0,58mb)    
Q&A_02 mp3 (2,80mb)   pdf
2sitzer / 2seater mp3 (0,65mb)    
kette / chain mp3 (1,78mb)    
nein 22 / no_22
material: R. Urweider
mp3 (1,36mb)    
grababfall / waste from graves mp3 (2,16mb)   visuals
Messer-Dolmetsch /
mp3 (2,51mb)    
Bettüberbau / bed unit mp3 (0,66mb) poetry film visuals
kunst / art mp3 (0,54mb)    
sex mp3 (1,03mb) video  
wauma / if we mp3 (2,65mb)    
diddn / tits mp3 (0,81mb)    
Säcke / Bags mp3 (2,19mb) video  
e i n s a t z d i c h t u n g / a c t i o n   p o e t r y
onophon's first program (2001-2003)
program 'einsatzdichtung' mp3 (81,88mb) video  
tapetenapathie /
wallpaper apathy
mp3 (7,47mb)    
grenze / border mp3 (1,50mb)    
autovignette /
motorway toll sticker
mp3 (2,56mb)   visuals
dewü / she wants
additional benefit: J. Piringer
mp3 (3,32mb)    
weiss / know mp3 (1,71mb)    
frauenarsch / woman's ass mp3 (2,88mb)    
dodoppel / d-double mp3 (2,29mb)   visuals
Q&A_01 mp3 (6,41mb)   pdf
begehbare / walkable mp3 (1,38mb)    
dadiade / parched mp3 (3,04mb)    
schwanenhals / swan's neck mp3 (2,64mb)   visuals
zschbeed / too late mp3 (3,68mb)   visuals
schauns / look mp3 (1,47mb)   visuals
irene / eerainai mp3 (1,42mb)   visuals
kea / sweep-belong mp3 (5,04mb)    
waundan / to hike mp3 (1,90mb)    
zinzn / zsinzsn mp3 (1,99mb)    
gschdanzl / stanza mp3 (1,47mb)    
moos / moss mp3 (2,31mb) video  
broadcasted programs
'seit Albert Hosp' / 'since Albert Hosp'
Radio Ö1 - literature as radio art, 7.7.2002
  mp3 (8,79mb)   LARK